Address: 9740 Bükfürdő,
Rózsa utca 1.
+36 20 330 1000


Information you may need during your stay:

Wifi password:  

Breakfast: at 8.30 a.m.

Half-board, on request. Breakfast and dinner (soup, main course, dessert). Price:

Our hotel guests get a 10% discount on their meals in our restaurant.

Parking: in front of the restaurant and in the parking lot located behind the restaurant. Parking is free.

The list of TV channels is on a separate card. Switch on the television with the TV’s remote control, then control the TV with the SAT remote control.

If you have any problems during your stay, we are available at the following telephone numbers.


Medical service:

Fire brigade:

Thank you for choosing us! We wish you a very pleasant stay!

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